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Myprotein designs Plant Collagen to improve collagen levels with a vegan-friendly formula

Myprotein Plant Collagen

Myprotein is known for many things, including its absolutely massive selection of supplements that branches out into several different categories and directions, including separate lines like Myvitamins and Myvegan. This week the international brand is adding to its health and wellness-orientated Myvitamins line with the beauty-supporting product Plant Collagen.

The all-new Plant Collagen from Myprotein and its Myvitamins brand is quite different from your typical collagen-based supplement. It is designed to improve natural collagen formation and levels as well as provide a few other beauty-type effects. One of its key ingredients is vitamin C, backing the collagen formation benefit alongside zinc, gotu kola, and astragalus.

Another interesting inclusion in Myprotein’s Plant Collagen is it has a handful of amino acids to mimic the profile of bovine collagen with vegan-friendly glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline. The product is available for purchase directly from and, pricing it at £39.99 (54.22 USD) for a 30 serving tub in an Orange, Pineapple and Grapefruit flavor.