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Jym puts Pre and ISO Jym into boxes of convenient single serving sachets

Pre Jym And Iso Jym Boxes Of Sachets

The only time we can ever recall Jim Stoppani’s brand Jym Supplement Science having products packaged in anything other than tubs of bulk powder or capsules was in its original post-workout Post Jym. For those that can’t remember that far back, when the supplement debuted, instead of being put in tubs, the two Post Jym formulas were wrapped in single-serving sachets and thrown into a box.

Details have now surfaced on that single-serving sachet format for two of Jym’s popular products in its original pre-workout Pre Jym and the more refreshing protein powder ISO Jym. You can see those boxes of Pre Jym and ISO Jym in the image above with two flavors for each product in that more convenient format with Grape Candy and Tangerine for Pre Jym and Grape and Mango Lime ISO Jym.

Jim Stoppani and Jym’s four single-serving sachet options are currently listed on Amazon, and while they’re all out of stock, you can still order them for shipping when they arrive. The Pre Jym and ISO Jym boxes are not the same prices but they’re close, with the pre-workout costing $26.89 for ten full servings of Pre Jym, and the refreshing protein powder ISO Jym is $22.99 with two fewer servings at eight.