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RAZE looks to replicate the unique taste of prickly pear in its limited February flavor

Prickly Pear Raze Energy Drink

REPP Sports’ beverage brand RAZE Energy, which won our Clash Of The Cans contest and Energy Drink Brand Of The Year in 2021, is continuing its consistent run of monthly limited edition flavors with a rather unique creation. The energy drink has done a great job at keeping things interesting when it comes to flavor extensions, always dropping something new and exciting, and for February, it’s no different.

Launching this month as the next entry in RAZE’s consistent monthly limited edition RAZE flavors series is Prickly Pear. It is a very different taste from your traditional pear, with the Prickly Pear RAZE Energy promising a mix of watermelon and bubblegum, just like the fruit itself. The brand and beverage have yet to disappoint in any flavor we’ve tried, so we have no reason not to trust it’ll come through on that description.

Once again, the launch timeframe on the all-new Prickly Pear RAZE Energy drink is sometime later this month, through the REPP Sports website. If the brand’s latest limited-time taste is like the many others before it, RAZE will also probably be dropping that Prickly Pear flavor for its powder RAZE Pre-Workout plus some matching merchandise.