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South Africa’s Titan Nutrition doubles the menu of its hybrid BCAA Burn

Titan Nutrition Blueberry Cooler Bcaa Burn

South African supplement company Titan Nutrition has some news this month for its hybrid amino product BCAA Burn, featuring those two types of ingredients mentioned in its name. The brand does put solid dosages of its few compounds into the supplement, with 8g of BCAAs in a two-scoop serving, alongside carnitine for fat loss, 300mg of natural caffeine for energy, and 1.8g of choline for mental focus.

Previously Titan Nutrition’s BCAA Burn had just two flavors to choose from in Grape Burst and Peach Ice Tea, which are now on shelves alongside two other options that are equally as intriguing. Doubling the number of flavors on BCAA Burn’s menu are the cocktail-inspired Pina Colada and the fruity Blueberry Cooler, both already available through the brand’s website at R399 (25.85 USD) for a tub of 22 full servings.

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