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Transparent debuts its second stim-free pre-workout and this time it’s all about pumps

Transparent Labs Pump

Transparent Labs already had a stimulant-free pre-workout on the market by way of Stim-Free, a comprehensive supplement designed to support all of the core pre-workout effects except stimulating energy. The simply named Pump is the latest product out of Transparent Labs, and it is another stimulant-free pre-workout, however, unlike Stim-Free, this one is all about enhancing muscle pumps.

If you’re looking for a supplement packed full of reliable and well-dosed pump powering ingredients, then Transparent Labs Pump is something you’ll want to check out. The brand has loaded the product with ingredients regular pre-workout users will be more than familiar with, and again, it has not cut any corners on dosages, with its heaviest feature being pure citrulline at a solid 8g per serving.

Transparent Labs Pump Label

Alongside the citrulline, Transparent Labs Pump has 250mg of Setria branded glutathione, 2.5g of premium NO3-T arginine nitrate, another 2.5g of BetaPure betaine, and for bit of focus support, half a gram of tyrosine. To round it all out, the brand has also thrown in the ever-present absorption enhancing ingredient AstraGin at 50mg, all combining for a promising pump enhancing experience.

Pump is available from today through the Transparent Labs website for the same price as its others pre-workouts, Bulk, Lean, and the aforementioned Stim-Free, at $49.99. Interestingly, the brand hasn’t opted for the more common serving count for more premium pre-workouts of 20, instead it’s gone with 30, with two flavors to choose from in Blue Raspberry and Strawberry Lemonade.