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Women’s Best packs a few vitamin and minerals into its immune health gummies

Womens Best Immunity Gummies

The popular female marketed supplement company, Women’s Best, is another brand that got in on the gummy trend with two previously released health and wellness products in the tasty format. This week the brand has rolled out another gummy supplement specifically designed to support and strengthen immune health with the simply named Immunity.

Women’s Best Immunity Gummies doesn’t feature a supremely complex formula, keeping things relatively simple with a handful of vitamins and minerals. Squeezed into each serving of three delicious Berry Blast flavored gummies is 300mg of the reliable antioxidant vitamin C, 125mcg of vitamin D, 11mg of zinc, and 125mcg of K2Vital branded Vitamin K2.

As always, the place to go to get your hands on the latest sports nutrition product, piece of fitness apparel, or any other Women’s Best merchandise is its website at, where Immunity Gummies will cost you €34.99 (39.60USD) for a bottle of 30 servings.