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Xtend decaffeinates its multi-benefit Slim BCAA Coffee in Japan

Xtend Slim Bcaa Coffee Decaf

If you liked the look of Xtend’s recent release exclusively available in Japan with Slim BCAA Coffee but didn’t like the idea of caffeine in your aminos, the specialist brand has a solution. Following the launch of Slim BCAA Coffee, bringing together BCAAs, coffee, and probiotics for gut health, Xtend has introduced the spin-off Slim BCAA Coffee Decaf.

As far as we know, Xtend’s Slim BCAA Coffee Decaf is exactly the same as the original Slim BCAA Coffee, featuring 3.5g of BCAAs for muscle recovery, coffee, half a gram of glutamine, green coffee, and probiotics. The difference is in the name, with the Decaf version having no caffeine from any sources, making it a coffee-tasting and probiotic-infused amino.

Xtend’s Slim BCAA Coffee Decaf has the same two sizes as the caffeinated option with a bag of 15 servings and a double size bag of 30, and all of those servings come wrapped in convenient single-serving stick packs. The product appears to be out and available in Japan, and as mentioned, the Slim BCAA Coffee supplements are exclusive to the country.