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XXL gives fans a solid source of quick carbohydrates in its Energy Fruit bites

Xxl Nutrition Energy Fruit

XXL Nutrition is a retailer and extensive sports supplement and functional food company that we typically see fairly frequently, although that hasn’t quite been the case these past few months. Regardless, the ever-growing brand is back in headlines again this week with details of the all-new product Energy Fruit, although it’s not exactly the stimulating, caffeinated on-the-go creation it sounds like.

Energy Fruit from XXL Nutrition is a delicious, gummy-like bar weighing 32g a piece and designed to be eaten before or during extensive exercise. The product is essentially a source of quick carbohydrates, providing 25.6g of them in every bar. It also has sodium to help with hydration and is made with real fruit in the form of fruit pulp, alongside sugar and glucose to deliver that 25 g of carbohydrates.

XXL Nutrition has two flavors to start for Energy Fruit, both citrusy creations in Orange and Lemon. The product comes in boxes of 12 tasty, carbohydrate-loaded bars, which directly from the brand’s online store will cost you €14.95 (17.12 USD).

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