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Handcrafted high-protein muffins coming soon from 1 Up Nutrition

1 Up Nutrition 1 Up Muffins

1 Up Nutrition has shared a few details and the first look at an upcoming product for the functional side of the industry, and it appears to be something truly different. Due to be available sometime in the near future from the ever-busy brand is 1 Up Muffins, which appear to be delicious ready-made muffins that spice things up with several convenient functional benefits.

1 Up Nutrition’s 1 Up Muffins are handcrafted muffins packed with 7g of collagen to support hair, skin and nail health, a total of 17g of protein, and they’re gluten-free. The product’s calories aren’t as lean as a typical protein bar and do vary quite a bit across Protein Muffins’ four flavors at 220 to 260, and the flavors are Carrot Cake, Blueberry, Chocolate, and Banana Nut.

There doesn’t appear to be a launch date or timeframe for when 1 Up Nutrition’s 1 Up Muffins are going to be available, only that they’re coming soon, and they should be a solid addition to the brand’s lineup. It’s not often you see sports nutrition brands get into the protein snack game; it’s even rarer they do so in an uncommon format, in this case, it’s fluffy muffins.