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13 Lives utilizes turkesterone by simply adding it to its testosterone booster

13 Lives Nailed It Turkesterone

Australian brand 13 Lives is one of the latest to act on the turkesterone trend, although it has taken quite a different and interesting approach. Instead of putting the ingredient to good use in a standalone supplement or making some more complex by combining it with other muscle-building ingredients, 13 Lives has infused it with an already available product.

Now available in Australia is Nailed It Turkesterone, with Nailed It being 13 Lives’ testosterone boosting muscle builder, featuring the likes of fenugreek, longjack, boron, and horny goat weed to support hormone health, male performance, and strength. Nailed It Turkesterone is basically the original supplement combined with a full dose of turkesterone.

Nailed It Turkesterone gives fans of 13 Lives everything that makes the regular Nailed It so enjoyable, plus the benefits of turkesterone, and as mentioned, the brand has included a full dose with half a gram of ajuga turkestanica in every serving. The only other difference outside of the added ingredient is its price, which is $30 more at $119.95 (90.08 USD) a bottle.