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Joint Cocktail brings AML’s typical advanced approach to the joint health category

Advanced Molecular Labs Joint Cocktail

Advanced Molecular Labs doesn’t release new supplements all that often, although when it does, it tends to put together comprehensive formulas with the likes of its category-named Pre-Workout and fat burner Thermo Heat. The brand now competes in the joint support space with Joint Cocktail bringing together a lengthy list of ingredients and some impressive dosages.

Joint health isn’t a category many supplement companies enter, at least with a dedicated product, although that is precisely what Advanced Molecular Labs has done and with a strong competitor. You can see the full formula behind Joint Cocktail in the facts panel below, featuring several highlights, including all of the classic compounds in glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM.

Advanced Molecular Labs Joint Cocktail Label

Advanced Molecular Labs has many other ingredients in Joint Cocktail, with the likes of collagen at a solid 10g per serving, a hefty one gram of vitamin C, and 100mg of hyaluronic acid. The product isn’t short on premium branded components either, with UC-II type two collagen also in there at 40mg, 100mg of ApresFlex boswellia, and 300mg of Turnipure Gold turmeric.

Advanced Molecular Labs has kept the price on Joint Cocktail fairly reasonable, or at least similar to other advanced joint support supplements, at $39.99 for a full-size tub through its website. It is well worth noting you don’t get the usual 30 servings in Joint Cocktail; in fact, you get a third fewer at 20, and it comes in powder form with the one Tropical Punch flavor.