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Gaming brand ADVANCEDgg is releasing an energy drink in the coming months

Advancedgg Energy Drink

We’ve seen several sports nutrition brands enter the energy drink market over the past few years, and more recently, we’ve seen a few gaming supplement companies dive into the space as well, such as G Fuel and Sneak. Another brand from that side of the industry has just confirmed its interest in the fast-growing, incredibly competitive energy drink category in ADVANECDgg.

The still up-and-coming company has said “ADVANCED in cans” is currently planned for this coming Summer, which as exciting as the news is, it’s still a while away. ADVANCEDgg has not said too much else about the product or shown many graphics for it, only just confirming the fact it’s coming out with a canned energy drink labeled as “premium energy” for the gaming community.

Being big fans of functional beverages and carbonated energy drinks, we’re always excited to see new entries in the category, even more so when it’s for a more specific audience like gamers. ADVANCEDgg does know how to put together a solid formula, as seen in its effective supplement Focus, so we look forward to seeing how it turns out and, of course, how it tastes.

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