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Animal drops the caffeine for its stimulant-free spin-off of Animal Cuts

Animal Cuts NS

Alpha F isn’t the only all-new supplement the hardcore legacy company Animal is rolling out with its major 2022 rebrand. The brand has also introduced Animal Cuts NS, a spin-off of its fat burner Animal Cuts, specifically the powder version of Animal Cuts. The “NS” part of the product’s name stands for Non-Stim, as it is essentially the flavored Animal Cuts without the stimulants.

Compared to the original Animal Cuts powder, Animal Cuts NS has all of the same ingredients, minus the stimulants, and with a couple of additions. The brand has indeed removed the stimulants, dropping the regular version’s 200mg of caffeine, as well as a couple of other ingredients with Animal Cuts’ 50mg of SerinAid branded phosphatidylserine and its half a gram of choline bitartrate.

Animal has added a couple of ingredients back in to create Animal Cuts NS, with caffeine, SerinAid, and choline being replaced by 50mg of TeaCrine and another 50mg of DMAE. You get all of the other ingredients found in Animal Cuts, including a 1.5g blend of two different forms of carnitine, half a gram of tyrosine and n-acetyl-l-tyrosine for focus, and Cuts’ original 150mg metabolic blend.

Animal Cuts NS is available first through the brand’s own online store with two flavors to choose from; one of the flavors is from Animal Cuts in Blue Ice Pop, and the other is a traditional Fruit Punch. Directly from the brand, the stimulant-free fat burner is $1 more than the original at $45.95, and you get the same amount of servings at 42, lasting you three weeks when taking it at the maximum of twice a day.

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