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Apollos carries over almost the entire formula for its sequel Mastermind V2

Apollos Hegemony Mastermind V2

Apollos Hegemony has revealed the formula behind the upcoming sequel to the Polish brand’s reputable nootropic supplement Mastermind, fittingly named Mastermind V2. One of the major changes to the product, as mentioned previously, is that the replacement will come in capsule format as opposed to flavored powder, although the ingredients and dosages aren’t all that different.

For Mastermind V2, Apollos Hegemony is carrying over many of the components in the original; in fact, of its eight key ingredients, all of them are from Mastermind V1, and seven are at the same dose. You can see the full formula in the Mastermind sequel in the image below, including the likes of lion’s mane at half a gram, 600mg of alpha-GPC, and a gram of acetyl-l-carnitine.

Apollos Hegemony Mastermind V2 Label

The one ingredient that is from the first Mastermind but at a different amount in Mastermind V2 is bacopa, which Apollos Hegemony has doubled from 150 a serving to 300mg. The sequel supplement is more about what’s not been carried over; as mentioned, the majority of the ingredients are from its predecessor, with kanna and phenylalanine being the important two that didn’t get carried over.

Basically, if you liked the original Mastermind and its powerful combination of long-lasting energy and enhanced mental focus, with so much in common, we have to imagine Mastermind V2 will be much the same. The sequel product is still not available for purchase but is expected to very soon through the brand’s local and popular sports nutrition retailer, Muscle Zone.