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TUDCA and NAC get their own standalone liver health product under Applied Nutrition

Applied Nutrition Tudca Nac

Applied Nutrition has one more new release to roll out before the close of March, following the two updates we shared last week. Those updates were all about the two new flavors of the brand’s High Protein Shake and the debut of Cream Of Rice. The latest from Applied is about as simple as Cream Of Rice with the reasonably self-explanatory TUDCA + NAC.

As you could probably gather from the name, Applied Nutrition’s TUDCA + NAC is a combination of the reliably effective liver health ingredients TUDCA, which is tauroursodeoxycholic acid,⁣ and NAC, which is n-acetyl-l-cysteine. The first ingredient from that pair is dosed at a solid 800mg per three-capsule serving, and NAC is also reasonably dosed at 900mg.

Applied Nutrition’s TUDCA + NAC is available now through its online store at £39.99 (52.43 USD), putting it in and around other TUDCA liver health supplements, and you get the usual full month’s supply in every bottle.