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Upcoming test booster Macho from ASC squeezes in 5g of active ingredients

Asc Supplements Macho

ASC Supplements recently revealed a few details on its upcoming Fuerte Series, describing it as a family of muscle-building products consisting of a testosterone booster and a natural anabolic. One of those two products has now been completely revealed, and it is due to launch in about one and a half weeks with the testosterone booster appropriately named Macho.

The formula ASC Supplements has put into its Fuerte Series Macho is definitely solid, with about 5g of active ingredients in every serving, which is squeezed into a sizeable eight capsules. The reputable brand has not shied away from premium ingredients in the product, including the likes of KSM-66 ashwagandha, TestoSurge, PrimaVie, and the absorption enhancer BioPerine.

Asc Supplements Macho Label

You can see the complete combination of ingredients and dosages ASC Supplements has piled into its Fuerte Series testosterone booster with a lot more than just those branded components. Other key features of the Macho formula are a strong 1.2g of fadogia agrestis, a gram of safed musli, 400mg each of longjack and stinging nettle, 50mg of acatenin, and 200mg of DIM.

ASC Supplements is currently expecting its first Fuerte Series product Macho to be available on Monday the 4th of April, likely through its direct-to-consumer online store. We’re not sure of the price of the supplement, although with testosterone boosters being one of the more expensive categories and ASC being more of a premium brand, Macho will likely be up there.