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Eye-catching Battery Blush rolling out to shelves for spring and summer

Battery Blush Energy Drink

Finnish energy drink company Battery is rolling out an entirely new and creatively flavored and branded energy drink for the spring and summer seasons. The limited-edition product is said to be making its way out to stores in the brand’s home country this month, and it’ll be hard to miss when it hits shelves, as you can see in the eye-catching image above.

Battery Blush is the latest innovation from the beverage brand, featuring a can design unlike any other energy drink from the company. The product has Battery’s usual layout of information, but behind all of that is an unmissable pink and purple piece of artwork. The artwork fits in with the taste of Blush, which is a sweet and smooth blend of raspberry and rosé.

For those of you that are fans of Battery’s more nutritionally friendly energy drinks, Battery Blush is one of those with no sugar, carbohydrates, or calories. The product does have the brand’s usual blend of energy enhancing ingredients, including a combination of B vitamins and, of course, the always reliable caffeine at a moderate 105mg in a full 330ml can.

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