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Australia’s Body Science fills its mousse-like protein with delicious inclusions

Body Science Low Carb Mousse

Legacy Australian supplement company Body Science has introduced a casein-based protein powder, similar to what many other brands have done in the region, and it’s marketing the product similar too. The supplement is named Low Carb Mousse, as it does indeed have low carbohydrates, and it is designed to be made with a delicious consistency similar to mousse.

Body Science Low Carb Mousse packs a solid 23g of protein per serving, primarily coming from slower-digesting casein, about 2g of fat, and calories in and around 150. As for the carbohydrates, as mentioned, they are relatively low for a dessert, not so much low for a protein product, sitting between 6 to 9g depending on the flavor, with anywhere from 3 to 4.5g of that sugar.

Low Carb Mousse is launching later this month in Body Science’s home country in a strong selection of flavors with Chocoholic, Cookies & Cream, Cookie Butter, Caramel Hokey Pokey, and White Chocolate Hokey Pokey. All of the flavors have tasty inclusions, including cookie crumbs, chocolate flakes, and in the hokey pokey flavors, crispy and crunchy hokey pokey pieces.

Once again, Body Science is releasing Low Carb Mousse in all five of its flavors, later this month, although it isn’t coming in an overly large size with a 400g bag, which is enough powder for ten servings.