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Body Science brings the plant-based angle to the mass gainer market

Body Science Vegan Gainer

We’ve seen a lot of plant-based, vegan-friendly protein powders over the past few years, with many brands of all shapes and sizes coming out with something in that area. There has been the occasional extension of the plant-based angle beyond the traditional protein powder, although not much, but that is what we have today, coming all the way from Sweden.

The reputable sports nutrition retailer MM Sports has launched a vegan-friendly gainer under its house brand Body Science, appropriately named Vegan Gainer. The supplement is everything it says it is, providing 28g of protein per serving from the plant-based sources soy and pea isolate, 50g of carbohydrates from oatmeal and maltodextrin, and a low 3.1g of fat, all leading to that reasonably high mass gainer calorie count of 344.

The nutrition profile of Body Science’s Vegan Gainer isn’t as massive as we’re used to seeing in whey or dairy mass protein powders; however, it can be scaled. For example, if you prefer something closer to 50g of protein, you can throw down two servings of the product to bring the protein up to 56g, the carbohydrates to 100g, and the calories to just shy of 700.

Being that Body Science is a house brand of MM Sports, that is, of course, the place to go to get your hands on the supplement, and it’s not all that expensive at 199kr (21.12 USD) or as low as 157kr (16.69 USD) each for four bags. While the price is fair, you don’t get too many servings with 16 or eight if you decide to double, in Apple Pie and Double Rich Chocolate flavors.