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Not4Pussy brand jumps into the GDA market with a blend of common ingredients

Bps Pharma This Gda 100 4u

German brand BPS Pharma, the maker of the popular and memorably-named stimulant pre-workout Not4Pussy, has released a more specialized supplement this month for a category we don’t see all that often. The brand has introduced This GDA 100% 4U, a glucose disposal agent formulated to help your body utilize carbohydrates more efficiently for better muscle pumps, weight loss, and muscle growth.

BPS Pharma has brought together many of the more common GDA-type ingredients in This GDA 100% 4U, including 300mg of cinnamon bark and 400mg of gymnema sylvestre. In addition, there is also chromium picolinate, 200mg each of berberine, bitter melon, and alpha-lipoic acid, and 90mg of olive leaf. All of the ingredients come together in a two capsule serving that you take before a carbohydrate-heavy meal.

BPS Pharma’s GDA 100% 4U has 90 capsules a bottle, so with a serving size of two capsules, that means you’ll get precisely 45 servings in every bottle, enough to get you through a month and a half. The price of the supplement isn’t too bad either, with the brand’s website currently selling it at a discounted €23.98 (26.37 USD), and again, with a month and a half in every bottle, two will get you through a nice even three months.