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Bucked Up brings the undescriptive BAMF flavor Pump N Grind to its energy drink

Bucked Up Energy Pump N Grind

Bucked Up has a new flavor out this week for its energy drink, simply named Bucked Up Energy, and the flavor might be familiar to fans of its sports nutrition supplements. The latest from the brand is actually a flavor that’s been brought over from its high-stimulant pre-workout BAMF, which goes by the unique and undescriptive name of Pump N Grind.

While the name Pump N Grind doesn’t tell you much about the taste, Bucked Up does list an actual flavor on its website, with the Pump N Grind BAMF being a fruity combination of grape and green apple. We’re assuming that remains consistent in the Pump N Grind Bucked Up Energy, now available online from the brand’s retail partner GNC at $29.99 a case.

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