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Chaos Crew raises caffeine and adds EnXtra for the 2022 edition of Bring The Chaos

Chaos Crew Bring The Chaos

Bring The Chaos is one of Chaos Crew’s oldest supplements, competing in the fierce pre-workout category and doing so with a reliable blend of common ingredients. The product is built for all of the core pre-workout benefits from energy and focus to pumps and performance, and for 2022, the UK-based brand is updating the supplement by way of a new and improved formula.

Chaos Crew’s revamped Bring The Chaos pre-workout has a handful of tweaks and changes compared to its predecessor, although a lot of it is the same, with the comprehensive approach still being the case in the sequel. The product maintains its 4g of pure citrulline to power pumps, full 3.2g of beta-alanine for performance, and 200mg of the reputable stimulant juglans regia.

Chaos Crew Brings The Chaos Label

Some of the notable differences in Chaos Crew’s latest iteration of Bring The Chaos are the removal of tyrosine for focus, 40% less theanine for a harder-hitting experience, and 20% more caffeine at a solid 300mg to drive intense energy. Lastly, the brand has added premium EnXtra at a solid 300mg in a maximum serving, further strengthening the stimulant side of the pre-workout.

Chaos Crew seems to have put more energy and focus into its Bring The Chaos sequel, with most of the changes coming in the stimulant department with more caffeine, less theanine, and added EnXtra. The brand has said the supplement would be launching sometime this week through its online store and alongside some sort of strong, limited-time deal or discount.