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Laxobol and Epibol the first two products in Dedicated’s premium Black Series

Dedicated Nutrition Laxobol

Dedicated Nutrition has revealed the first two supplements in its promising new Black Series, and while we initially thought we were in for something of a more advanced or sequel series, that’s not quite what we’re getting. The two products previewed from the reputable brand available across Europe and Canada are not currently in the Dedicated lineup and are entirely new.

The debut Black Series supplements from Dedicated Nutrition are Laxobol and Epibol, which, if we had to guess based on their names, are laxogenin and epicatechin-based muscle-building products. With that in mind, we get the sense the Black Series is potentially more like a specialized line for muscle strength and size, as laxogenin and epicatechin are ingredients from that area of the industry.

Dedicated Nutrition has had muscle-building supplements on the market before, although it’s not a category it’s gone all that deeply into, so if the Black Series is that, it’ll be an excellent extension for the brand. Dedicated is still planning to launch Laxobol and Epibol sometime very soon, with more details on what’s in each of them likely to come in between now and that release.