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Four Designer Protein products get larger and mostly more cost-effective sizes

Designer Proteins Larger Sizes

The protein powder specialist Designer Protein has come out with much larger sizes of a handful of its protein powders, and in typical fashion of a heavier option, most of them are more cost-effective than the smaller originals. The four supplements that have landed themselves bigger sizes are the women’s protein powder Aria, the egg-based Designer Egg, the vegan-friendly Designer Plant, and the more traditional Designer Lite.

Through the Designer Protein website, Designer Plant’s original 1.32lb, ten serving tub now has a double-sized 2.64lb bag for twice the price at $39.99, and for Aria, alongside its 340g container, is an 840g bag at a more cost-effective $31.99. You then have Designer Egg getting a doubled 1.55lb bag at less than twice the price of $37.99, and then finally, Designer Lite has gone from a 256g container to a 1.6lb bag with triple the servings at 45 and a strong value price of $29.99.

Designer Protein’s larger sizes obviously have the same ingredients, amounts, and macros as the smaller ones, although they only come in half as many flavors. Basically, if you want to save some money on Designer Egg, Designer Lite, and Aria, you can do that by spending a bit more, but you will lose out on flavor variety. Designer Plant’s bigger size, as mentioned, is the same value, so it’s more of a convenient way to go.