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ESN creates separate multivitamin supplements for male and female athletes

Esn Athlete Stack Men Women

German brand ESN is getting ready to release two all-new and similar supplements, separated by their target audience or, in this case, gender. The products are Athlete Stack: Men and Athlete Stack: Women, which are multivitamin formulas, one for men and the other for women. The idea behind the supplements is to give hard-working individuals and athletes everything they need regarding essential vitamins and minerals.

Typically when brands do separate multivitamins for men and women, their formulas are practically identical, with the key difference being the women’s one has more iron than the men’s. While that is the case with ESN’s Athlete Stacks, the men’s version having 3mg less iron than the women’s, that’s not all that splits them. The brand has changed several other dosages, truly tailoring each product for its specific audience.

A few of those notable differences from ESN’s Athlete Stack: Men to Athlete Stack: Women includes 12.5% less vitamin A in the women’s, as well as 20% less vitamin B12, several other B vitamins have been decreased too, and 20% less vitamin D. As mentioned, the supplements do indeed have their separators, but still aim to provide their target audience with a comprehensive daily dose of vitamins and minerals.

The Athlete Stack products are launching from ESN in the near future and will both have 30 servings per bottle, each serving made up of seven capsules, and an identical price tag of €29.90 (32.51 USD).

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