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ESN combines caffeine and theanine in its refreshing tea-like product Boostea

Esn Boostea

Boostea is the latest entirely new supplement from Germany’s already diverse and incredibly extensive sports nutrition brand ESN. Boostea is relatively straightforward, being a flavored powder product infused with caffeine and theanine. It comes with a refreshingly fruity taste and provides an anytime energizing experience to replicate a tea drink.

Each serving of ESN Boostea provides a moderate 100mg of caffeine for a nice boost in energy and 50mg of theanine for a smoother feel. We don’t know the supplement’s exact macros, but it does have calories, although no sugar. Being a simple product, it is fairly cost-effective at €12.99 (14.38 USD) for a tub of 100 servings in Ice Tea Lemon and Peach flavors.