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ESN turns the Italian ice cream Stracciatella into a flavor of Flav’n Tasty

Esn Stracciatella Flav N Tasty

ESN is back in the news again this month, following yesterday’s post about its all-new Boostea with details on a flavor extension for the brand’s popular flavoring powder Flav’n Tasty. Products like Flav’n Tasty are quite popular in the UK and Europe, with ESN having liquid and powder options, although it is its flavor powder that’s getting the attention this time around.

Fans of the brand will already know when it comes to flavors for Flav’n Tasty, ESN has incredible variety. There are close to 20 different options for the product, with its latest addition being the classic Italian ice cream, Stracciatella. For those not familiar with Stracciatella, it’s a bit like chocolate chip ice cream, with chocolate shavings throughout milk-based ice cream.

ESN’s new Stracciatella Flav’n Tasty is available first through its online store, where you’ll pay the flavoring powder’s usual price of €16.90 (18.67 USD) for a full-size 250g tub, which works out to about 83 typical servings, although you can use more or less to suit your needs.