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LifeAid brings together vitamins, electrolytes, energy and recovery in its latest beverage

Lifeaid Fit Aid Energy Sports Recovery 1

Functional beverage company LifeAid, known for drinks like FitAid and FocusAid, has introduced an all-new energy drink officially launching within the next few months called FitAid Energy + Sports Recovery. It is a sweet and refreshing beverage bringing together a variety of vitamins, electrolytes, amino acids, a natural source of caffeine, and more, primarily to support and improve energy and recovery.

FitAid Energy + Sports Recovery is a hybrid energy drink of sorts, which wraps all of its ingredients outside of the vitamins and minerals in a proprietary blend. That blend weighs in at 1.11g in a slim 12oz can, and it consists of green tea providing 200mg of clean caffeine, the aminos arginine, glutamine, and the three BCAAs, coQ10, turmeric, quercetin, and the common joint support ingredient glucosamine.

Like all of the brand’s functional beverages, FitAid Energy + Sports Recovery is nutritionally friendly, with a reasonable 4g of carbohydrates a can, 3g of that sugar, and a low-calorie count of 15. Again the product is launching within the next few months with three flavors, all of which are sweet and right on point with their names in Mango Sorbet, Blackberry Pineapple, and our favorite, Peach Mandarin.