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G Fuel times its Moon Knight flavor Moonberry with the release of the Moon Knight miniseries

G Fuel X Moon Knight Moonberry Hydration

With another week comes another new flavor from the gaming supplement company G Fuel, and it is one of the brand’s fun and creative collaborations. G Fuel has teamed up with many major movies for their own special edition flavor, and a lot of them have been superhero films. That is once again the case with the brand coming together with the Marvel character Moon Knight.

An all-new miniseries based on Moon Knight is launching next week on Wednesday the 30th, so G Fuel creating a flavor with the character has been perfectly timed. The Moon Knight flavor is appropriately named Moonberry, combining the sweet taste of blueberry and tart acai, and instead of being for G Fuel’s flagship gaming product, it’s for the G Fuel Hydration powder and drink.

G Fuel and Moon Knight have announced their collaboration Moonberry G Fuel Hydration today, although it won’t be made available until the day the Moon Knight miniseries goes live on Disney+. By the sounds of things, you’ll be able to grab both through G Fuel’s website, and as we’ve seen the brand do a few times before, Hydration powder will be available in a limited collector’s box.

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