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Sweet meets sour in G Fuel’s new citrusy flavor Greeeen Lemonade

Greeeen Lemonade G Fuel

Gaming supplement leader G Fuel has yet another new flavor of its flagship energy and focus product, self-titled G Fuel, something that readers are probably used to seeing about once a week. The brand has already featured a couple of times over the past few days, but it still has another product to share, and it is an entirely new flavor creation, not one of its already available options reskinned.

G Fuel has unveiled a flavor named Greeeen Lemonade, with an obvious emphasis on the repeated letter “e”, and the taste of the electric-colored product is described as a sweet and sour citrusy experience. As usual with the brand’s new flavors, Greeeen Lemonade G Fuel is not available yet, although it’s not far away, with its official release happening this coming Wednesday through

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