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Halo Top creates lower sugar fruit sorbet packed full of refreshing real fruit

Halo Top Fruit Sorbet

Halo Top is treating its many fans to something special this year, with an entirely new product, which we don’t see as often these days from the creative frozen functional food company. The brand has introduced all-new Halo Top Fruit Sorbet promising the same sweet and fruity flavor as its Fruit Pops but with a lot more to enjoy in a single pint tub filled with frozen fruit.

Halo Top Fruit Sorbet has debuted in three flavors, two of those coming from Fruit Pop’s menu in Strawberry and Mango, and the third option is an equally enjoyable Raspberry. Again, all of the flavors are made with real fruit, and where you’d usually see the calories on the front of Halo Top ice cream, the Fruit Sorbets have a percentage of less sugar compared to leading competitors.

The nutrition profiles of each flavor aren’t too bad and keep things relatively light on calories as we’ve come to expect from Halo Top with 88 to 100g of carbohydrates per pint, as much as 42g of that fiber and 50g sugar, no fat, and calories ranging from 280 to 310. Halo Top Fruit Sorbets are rolling out to stores this week and are expected to be on shelves everywhere in May.

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