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HTLT reveals and releases another comprehensive pre-workout but without stimulants

Htlt Pre Pump

Greg Doucette’s impressively consistent and ever-expanding brand HTLT is back in the headlines yet again this month with news of another pre-workout separate from its original competitor in the category. The brand’s latest product is named Pre-Pump, and what makes it different from its other supplement — simply named Pre-Workout — is it doesn’t have any stimulants.

HTLT’s Pre-Pump is as packed out as Pre-Workout, and it is designed to provide a fairly well-rounded experience or as well-rounded as it can be without the use of stimulants. The brand’s second pre-workout has several ingredients to power pumps, as per its name, including 9g of pure citrulline, 1.5g of agmatine, 4.5g of GlycerPump, and 1.5g of premium Nitrosigine.

While most of the ingredients in Pre-Pump are for pumps, HTLT has also thrown in components for other non-stimulant effects. Alongside all of the pump enhancers are 4.5g each of beta-alanine and betaine to support performance. Then to increase and improve mental focus, you get 450mg of alpha-GPC, another 450mg of the mushroom lion’s mane, and 150mcg of huperzine a.

Htlt Pre Pump Label

HTLT has done a great job at making its Pre-Pump pre-workout a more comprehensive experience, which is not what we expected with a name like Pre-Pump. Instead of focusing entirely on muscle pumps, although that is the main effect, the brand has combined its reliable selection of pump ingredients with several others to power performance and enhance mental focus.

HTLT’s Pre-Pump is available now through its online store, and it is the same price as its stimulant-infused Pre-Workout at $49.99 with the same amount of full servings per tub at 20. That price can come down if you decide to stock up and grab three tubs at $124.99, working out to a much better $41.66 each, and you have only one flavor to choose from to start in Tigers Blood.