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ProSupps sets April 4th as the launch date of its Hyde Energy drink

Hyde Energy Drink Launch Date

After announcing its return to the energy drink category late last year and following some delays, ProSupps is finally coming out with its highly anticipated Hyde Energy next month. The product will feature a very different blend of ingredients compared to the brand’s original Hyde Power Potion for an energy boost wherever and whenever you need it, and with a delicious, zero-calorie taste.

Again, the Hyde Energy drink is launching next month, and if you’re like many fans of ProSupps excited about its return to the category, we now have an exact date the product is launching. Currently promoted for the promising Hyde Energy is a release of Monday the 4th of April, at which point, by the sounds of things, you’ll be able to find and purchase the beverage in stores and

ProSupps is still picturing only three flavors of Hyde Energy in Gamma Ray Grape, Blue Reactor, and Lemon Voltage Lime, leaving out the Atomic Orange and Radioactive Melon previewed last year. Basically, fans and followers of ProSupps and energy drinks can mark down April 4th in their calendars for when they can get their hands on the product and experience the sports nutrition beverage.