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Inspired gets ready to release its first and comprehensive sleep supplement

Inspired Comprehensive Sleep Supplement

Our 2019 Brand Of The Year, Inspired Nutraceuticals, has passed on a few vague details about an entirely new supplement it has coming down the pipeline, and it is certainly an important one for the reputable brand. While Inspired has tackled many categories in the several years it’s been in the industry, there is one it has not touched at all, and that is the all-important sleep space.

A nighttime product is precisely what Inspired has coming soon, within the next few months to be more specific, and knowing its reputation with formulas from other categories, it’s no surprise this won’t be your typical sleep aid. The brand is saying its upcoming supplement will help get you to sleep more efficiently, although the experience will go well beyond just knocking you out.

Inspired’s yet-to-be-named nighttime product is also aiming to drastically improve your quality of sleep throughout the night, leading to better recovery and not having you feel sluggish or drowsy when you wake in the morning. Again, it won’t be your typical sleep aid, with the brand sounding like it’s taking its usual comprehensive approach and providing benefits from multiple angles.

Like with any new supplement from a reputable sports nutrition brand like Inspired, we can’t help but be excited for its dive into the nighttime category. Sleep products are one of our favorites purely because they can lead to some incredible improvements in muscle and performance recovery, and that seems like the kind of results and experience Inspired is shooting for.

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