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Introducing the upcoming energy drink Lost and Found packing 150mg of caffeine

Lost And Found Energy Drink

New energy drink companies surface almost every week these days, with the most significant details separating them being the creative flavors, how they taste, and, of course, the branding. One of the next new brands looking to break into the highly competitive space is Lost and Found, featuring a colorful can design based around a patched-up teddy bear.

The Lost and Found energy drink will have a reliable 150mg of caffeine to increase energy, a blend of electrolytes for hydration, and a lean nutrition profile with just ten calories in a standard 16oz can. The product is going to have three flavors to choose from to start in a classic blue raspberry recipe called Blue Rush, Cherry Lemonade, and Glacier Burst.

You can get a good look at Lost and Found’s upcoming energy drink in the image above, showing off the Glacier Punch flavor, with the others looking much the same, but Blue Rush is colored blue and Cherry Lemonade is red. As mentioned, when it comes to beverages, a lot of it is about taste, so we’ll have to try it first hand to see how it tastes, and the wait isn’t all that long with the brand currently looking to launch in May.