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Nine years after the original Jim Stoppani is releasing Pre Jym X

Pre Jym X

Before Jim Stoppani’s supplement company Jym became the giant it is today, it all started with the balanced, comprehensive, and fully transparent pre-workout Pre Jym. That product launched nine years ago, back in 2013, and since then, it has proven to be very successful, and that’s all without any changes or tweaks to its key ingredients and dosages.

All these years later, Jim Stoppani and his reputable brand Jym, are finally updating their pre-workout competitor Pre Jym with the promising new supplement Pre Jym X. All we know about Pre Jym X is that Stoppani is planning to re-invent the highly competitive pre-workout category with it, similar to what he did in 2013 with the debut of the fully dosed Pre Jym.

With Stack3d being around when Jim Stoppani hit the market with Jym and Pre Jym, it’s exciting to see the product evolving into Pre Jym X. We’re certainly interested to see what Stoppani has done to his long-running and successful pre-workout to bring it forward into 2022, and we won’t be waiting long as it’s being introduced on Thursday of next week.