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LevlUp keeps the formula fairly simple for its dedicated hydration product

Levlup Hydration Drink

In a few days, or more precisely Monday of next week, German gaming brand LevlUp is following in the footsteps of the giant G Fuel and releasing a dedicated hydration supplement. The product is simply named Hydration Drink, and to get everyone ready for the launch, we have details on what the brand has packed into the supplement to support hydration and performance.

As with most products in the hydration category, LevlUp has formulated Hydration Drink around a blend of vitamins and electrolytes, with maltodextrin in there as well to add a few carbohydrates to the mix. The supplement includes the likes of calcium and magnesium, a selection of B vitamins in B1, B6, and B12, but most notably, it doesn’t have any caffeine like the brand’s other supplement.

Once again, LevlUp is launching Hydration Drink in five days on Monday of next week in Germany, and through its online store at The product is going to have two sizes available, a 30 serving and 60 serving, with the former at €29.99 (33.36 USD) and the latter coming in slightly more cost-effective at €49.99 (55.61 USD) in Bubble Boom, Galaxy Edition, and Shiny Fox flavors.