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MAN Sports is bringing together ecdy and turk next month in Ecdyturk Pro

Man Sports Ecdyturk Pro

Many sports nutrition brands have jumped on the trend of turkesterone-based supplements, although most of them have been up and coming or still reasonably new names. The well-known and past Brand Of The Year winner MAN Sports has announced it is coming out with a competitor for the trend, making it one of the first turkesterone products from a more sizeable company.

Ecdyturk Pro is an upcoming supplement from MAN Sports that combines the natural muscle-building ingredients, turkesterone and ecdysterone, plus AstraGin to enhance absorption. The brand hasn’t just thrown the two together either; it has included them at some solid dosages with a gram of ajuga turkestanica providing 100mg of turkesterone, and a gram of ecdysterone.

Those dosages of turkesterone and ecdysterone are the amount you get per serving, and MAN Sports directs you to take one of those each day, giving you that common daily amount of 1g of ajuga turkestanica. The reputable brand is looking to launch Ecdyturk Pro within the next few weeks, sometime in April, and it’ll have enough servings to supply you for an entire month.