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Spain’s Max Protein introduces its cheesy True Flavors to spice up your food

Max Protein True Flavors

Spanish brand Max Protein is back in the headlines again this month, introducing its all-new product, True Flavors. Like many of the items in its lineup, the brand’s latest features a look that is very different and unique to itself. As for what True Flavors is, it’s a bottle of flavoring powder that you simply flip upside down and sprinkle onto your food for an extra cheesy flavor.

Being the functional food company that it is, Max Protein’s True Flavors is low in calories, with a small 5g serving having just 2.7g of carbohydrates, up to 1.5g of that sugar, virtually no fat, half a gram of protein, and 16 calories. The product has been released in three flavors, all cheddar-based in Cheddar Nachos, Cheddar Bacon, and the spicy Cheddar JalapeƱo.

True Flavors’ regular container has 100g of cheesy flavoring powder, although Max Protein has given it a twist that gives fans some extra value for a limited time. To go with the launch of True Flavors, the brand has put together an extra value size that has an additional 20% free. The bonus bottle costs the same as the regular 100g, making now the ideal time to try it.