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Morphogen’s rebrand brings higher pricing and its premium products are still great value

Morphogen Nutrition Rebrand

Morphogen Nutrition is currently undergoing a massive, line-wide rebrand, which is no small undertaking, regardless of the size of the supplement company. The brand is changing the look of each of its many packed-out, premium products, and some of them are getting tweaks and formula changes along the way, as we’ve been sharing over the past few weeks in the likes of Alphagen and Morphotest.

Something that a few people have pointed out about the Morphogen Nutrition revamp is a change in pricing. For those that weren’t aware, all of the brand’s well-dosed supplements previously cost a flat $48 from its website. The strategy behind it was Morphogen would just put more and more ingredients into the products until it reached that $48 mark, so no matter the category, fans got their money’s worth.

With many cost increases in different sectors of the industry as well as other areas of business, Morphogen Nutrition has raised its flat $48 price to $56, and for its simpler commodity items, they’ve gone from their consistent cost of $28 to $34. It’s a change many brands have been making but one that is more justified at Morphogen.

If you take a look at any of the Morphogen Nutrition supplements, you’ll see that it does indeed squeeze as much as it can into its products, with the commodity items obviously being an exception. Fans were already getting great value for what the brand put on its labels, and another thing worth remembering is Morphogen offers free shipping regardless of order size, and that still remains with its rebrand.

Simply put, Morphogen Nutrition has raised the prices of its supplements for 2022, increasing the advanced products from $48 to $56 and the straightforward commodities from $28 to $34. But again, next to many of its competitors, the brand and its products still have the upper hand, and with all of the increases in shipping it’s great to see Morphogen find a way to continue a feature fans have come to rely on.

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