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Naughty Boy reveals all of the flavors in its Summer Vibes Series arriving next week

Naughty Boy Summer Vibes Series

The rest of the entries in Naughty Boy’s Summer Vibes Series of flavors has been revealed after announcing the summery line of products only one week ago. For those that missed the post, the Summer Vibes Series is a family of limited edition, summer-themed flavors of some of the UK brand’s top-selling supplements, including its original pre-workout Menace.

When Naughty Boy initially announced the Summer Vibes Series, it named Porn Star Passionfruit Menace and Strawberry Daiquiri SickPump. The brand is known for its unique and intriguing flavor creations, and that clearly continues in its summer series. The other flavors are Amaretto Sour Menace, Sex On The Beach SickPump, and Black Russian and Woo Woo for SickPump Synergy.

Naughty Boy is still planning to launch the entire Summer Vibes Series later this month; in fact, the brand has said it’ll be in stock and available for purchase by retailers and consumers in the UK next week. Once again, all of the products are only around for a limited time, so if you like the look or sound of any of the temporary tastes, be sure to grab them while you can.