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Nutrabio partners with its Colombian distributor to launch Peachy Glutes Leg Day

Nutrabio Peachy Glutes Leg Day

Nutrabio has announced another flavor of its intra-workout Leg Day, featuring reliable ingredients and dosages to power you through the toughest of workouts, including, of course, leg day. The latest expansion to the supplement’s menu is more than just another flavor, as it’s releasing in partnership with one of the brand’s premier partners.

Nutrabio’s newest flavor of Leg Day is the sweet peach and mango recipe Peachy Glutes, launching exclusively with the brand’s Colombian distributor in a few weeks on the 23rd of next month. The flavor actually ties in with the opening of the distributor’s Palacio Fitness in Medellin, which has a specialized glute-building program called BOOTY.

The opening of Palacio Fitness and its BOOTY program ties in perfectly with the exclusive Peachy Glutes Leg Day, obviously via the name and the peachy flavor graphic on the front of the label. The product will only be exclusive to Nutrabio in Colombia for a limited time, at which point it’ll begin showing up in all of the brand’s usual stores and stockists.