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Sample packs for Super Collagen Protein coming to Obvi’s online store in April

Obvi Super Collagen Protein Packs

As we’ve said many times before, sample packs or even trial bundles are a great way to try a supplement, whether it be to feel out its effectiveness or see if you like the taste. They’re not as cost-effective as buying a bulk tub, but they’ll save you from purchasing a full-size that you may not enjoy. Currently, Obvi doesn’t offer sample packs, although starting April 1st, that will change for its signature product Super Collagen Protein.

On the first day of next month, the lifestyle brand and winner of our Brand Of The Year award in 2021, is launching stick packs of Super Collagen Protein in four flavors; Cinna Cereal, Fruity Cereal, Cocoa Cereal, and PB Cups. They’ll give you a whole serving of the supplement in a convenient stick to take with you on the go, or sample and be introduced to a flavor you enjoy so much you decide to get a whole tub of it in your next order.

Once again, Obvi will be adding sample packs to its online store at on Friday the 1st of April, where you’ll be able to purchase them separately or get them free with any order of two Obvi collagen products.

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