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Original Olympus Series pre-workout Titan returns to Chaos and Pain

Chaos And Pain Titan Pre Workout

The Olympus Series is a line of supplements from Chaos and Pain that was initially separate from its regular family of sports nutrition products like Cannibal Ferox and Cannibal Inferno. The line saw the release of supplements like Hypnos, Jupiter, and the pre-workout Titan, which due to demand, the long-running brand has decided to bring back here in early 2022.

The returning Titan is indeed different from the original, relying on a completely new set of ingredients and dosages, although still aiming for that comprehensive pre-workout experience. Chaos and Pain has formulated the product to provide increased and long-lasting energy, laser-like mental focus, and improve and enhance muscle pumps.

Chaos and Pain’s standout ingredients in the Titan pre-workout include 2.5g of betaine, the premium pump enhancer Nitrosigine at a full 1.5g per serving, and a reliable 350mg of caffeine for energy. The brand does have several other ingredients in the supplement to further support that balanced experience, such as VasoDrive and agmatine for even more pumps, beta-alanine, citrulline malate, and tyrosine and alpha-GPC for focus.

We can’t seem to find the complete facts panel for Chaos and Pain’s 2022 edition of Titan on its website, although through there, the product is in stock and available for purchase. The pre-workout has the more common serving count, or at least common these days, of 20 full servings per tub at $49.99 with two flavors to choose from in Lemon Zest and Berry Pump.