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Ripped Freak creator preparing to drop another comprehensive fat burner

Pharmafreak Lean Freak

PharmaFreak was initially known for its hit stimulant-powered weight loss supplement Ripped Freak, which has seen some changes over the years and some spin-offs, including Ripped Freak Keto and Ripped Freak Pre-Workout. The brand hasn’t really come out with another comprehensive fat-burner outside of its original Ripped Freak, although that may be about to change very shortly.

Following the roll-out of its Red Label Series and the many hybrid, multi-benefits products filling it out, PharmaFreak is looking to launch another weight loss supplement called Lean Freak. Details are a bit thin on the product at the moment; all we know is that it’s designed to support fat loss and appetite control, features multiple ingredients, and like Ripped Freak, it comes in capsules.

It’ll be interesting to see the approach PharmaFreak takes in Lean Freak, whether it’s some sort of alternative to Ripped Freak or something stimulant-free that can stack with Ripped Freak for even better fat burning results. As more information rolls in, we’ll be sure to share it, but most of it all, it’s great to see PharmaFreak continuing all the momentum it built from its busy 2021.