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Quamtrax keeps it simple with carbohydrates as the main focus in its new Energy Gel

Quamtrax Energy Gel

Spanish brand Quamtrax Nutrition has many different types of products on the market revolving around the sports nutrition space, and they come in a variety of formats. Quamtrax does have a good amount of on-the-go items, including the traditional gel in squeeze packs, which is the direction it has gone with in its latest release, the simply named Energy Gel.

Quamtrax Nutrition’s all-new Energy Gel isn’t overly complex, featuring a simple set of ingredients to fuel performance and endurance. Like most classic gel products, Quamtrax’s is a carbohydrate-driven item combining maltodextrin and cyclodextrin to provide 16.4g of carbohydrates in a 40g pack with only a gram of that sugar, no fat or protein, and 66 calories.

As mentioned, Energy Gel from Quamtrax Nutrition is relatively straightforward, with the other features worth mentioning being the added ginseng and taurine, although there isn’t a lot of the latter at just 53mg a serving. The product is out now in the company’s home country for around €1.20 (1.30 USD) each in two flavors, Banana and Cola.