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Raw and My Cookie Dealer make a promising cookie packing as much as 25g of protein

Raw Nutrition X My Cookie Dealer

Raw Nutrition has partnered with the reputable and, of course, delicious cookie company My Cookie Dealer, owned by IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Juan Morel and his wife, Karen Morel. The brand’s cookies are indeed delicious, but not without a load of calories, with My Cookie Dealer’s classic Chocolate Chip flavor packing 6.5g of protein in a single cookie, 24.5g of fat, 69g of carbohydrates, 42g of sugar, and a hefty 520 calories.

While My Cookie Dealer’s original cookies are what it’s known for, that is not why Raw Nutrition has teamed up with the brand. Midday tomorrow, My Cookie Dealer is launching a protein-packed cookie in partnership with the fast-growing supplement company. Raw has not mentioned how exactly it’s involved in collaboration with the cookie company; all it’s done is preview a box of cookies that promise 20 to 25g of protein each.

Our guess is My Cookie Dealer has made some protein-packed cookies using Raw Nutrition’s protein powder, Raw Whey, or it’s had some hand in the making of the cookie. Either way, My Cookie Dealer and Raw Nutrition is an exciting collaboration and one we definitely want to see the result of. There aren’t many protein cookies out there, and someone coming in with that cheat meal approach should make for a standout product.