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Redcon1 unveils a new look for its original pre-workout Total War

Redcon1 Rebrands Total War

Redcon1 has dropped a lot of different looks for its signature pre-workout Total War for various special edition flavors, many of them turning out truly eye-catching such as the Kenny Omega collaboration V-Trigger. The brand has announced another look for Total War, although this time around, it is not temporary or exclusive to a specific flavor or flavor series.

Redcon1 has unveiled a refreshing, entirely new label design for the regular ongoing flavors of Total War. We’re not sure if the branding will eventually be applied to the brand’s other supplements, but for now, it’s definitely coming to Total War. You can get a look at the rebrand in the image above, which keeps things familiar and, at the same time, different.

The new look of Total War puts the details and information in the same places but gives them a few tweaks for a more eye-catching balance and appearance. For example, the title “Total War” is no longer yellow; Redcon1 has changed it to white, making it subtly pop a bit more. The flavor callout is still on the front in the bottom right corner, although the rebrand adds a background graphic, helping that stand out more too.

It’s certainly been a while since Redcon1 made changes this big to any of its products, with the only similar occasion probably being the move to flavor-specific color themes for the wholesome MRE Bar. The brand’s recently revamped website has yet to reflect the rebranded Total War, although it sounds like it is coming very soon, so fans will want to keep an eye out.

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