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Strawberry and Apricot come together in Red Bull’s latest Summer Edition

Strawberry Apricot Red Bull Energy Drink

In just over a week, on Monday the 4th of April, Red Bull is starting its Summer celebration early with an entirely new, limited-edition flavor of its original energy drink. It is the beverage giant’s signature product, so it’s not all that clean on the nutrition side with 28g of carbohydrates in its slim 8.5oz can, with almost all of that sugar at 26g, and a calorie count of 110.

Despite the high amount of sugar, Red Bull’s limited-time Summer creation does sound quite enjoyable, bringing together the sweet taste of two refreshing fruits in Strawberry Apricot. The product still has all of the Red Bull energy drink’s energizing ingredients with a blend of B vitamins, taurine, the ever-reliable and always energizing caffeine at 80mg in every can.

Once again, the limited Summer Edition Strawberry Apricot Red Bull energy drink is rolling out to stores from the 4th of April, although that will only be to the retail giant Walmart. As we move closer to Summer on the 1st of May, that is when the product will get a full nationwide launch to everywhere else, with two size options in that sleek 8.5oz and a 12oz can.

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