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Transparent puts premium Senactiv into its new and improved hydration formula

Transparent Labs Hydrate V3

For the second time since the supplement was brought to market, Transparent Labs has decided to reformulate its hydration product Hydrate for a new and improved experience. The brand hasn’t made many changes, but enough to justify calling the supplement a sequel, and it still keeps the focus on improving and enhancing hydration and performance.

Transparent Labs’ latest version of Hydrate or Hydrate V3 has a slightly different balance of electrolytes and some different sources, including the infusion of premium Aquamin marine-sourced minerals. The product maintains its 1g of taurine and half a gram of coconut water per serving, and to top it all off; the brand has thrown in a full 50mg of Senactiv.

Transparent Labs Hydrate Label

Senactiv is a premium, patented, and proven ingredient to support performance and endurance, so it is right at home in Transparent Labs’ third iteration of Hydrate. The only catch with the sequel hydration supplement is it costs around the same at $19.99, but for a tub with a third fewer servings at 40 instead of 60, in the same original Tropical Punch flavor.